Europe Historical Temperatures                                                
Here you find nice colourful overviews (PDF) of the temperature of many places in Europe, over periods of 40 or 42 years. Just click on the map to find out.

The data are collected by the national weather institutes, and most of them are compiled by the ECA&D (European Climate Assessment & Dataset). The map presents a mix of cities, airports, remote places and mountaintops, with sufficiently complete and up-to-date data.

Updates (last year indicated) from Bosnia (2017), Croatia (2018), Estonia (2015), France (2017), Iceland (2016), Luxembourg (2018), the Netherlands (2019), Poland (2016), Romania (2015), Russia (2017 and 2013), Slovenia (2018), Spain (2018), Switzerland (2017).
In some instances the data are a blend from different sources (see bottom left on the PDF), and therefore possibly not homogeneous. The data are regulary updated by ECA&D with data from 'synoptical messages from GTS'. These data are not yet validated, but should be in line with the older, validated data from the same station. (Latest update 16th January 2015 or later).

The Dutch and the German data are taken directly from the websites of the national weather institutes and include snow depth. On the data displays of the Netherlands and Germany you find links to data of other places in these countries.

Any comment is welcome.  Bart Vreeken