Arctica Historical Temperatures 1973-2014                                                
Here you find time series with temperature data of a lot of weather stations in the Arctic. It includes both daily data as monthly and  yearly averages, as well as the trend over 30 years. Just click on one of the names on the map.

The data are collected by the national weather institutes. A lot of it is compiled by the ECA&D (European Climate Assessment & Dataset). 
An other part of the data comes directly from the national institutes.
In some instances the data are a blend from different sources (see bottom left on the PDF), and therefore possibly not homogeneous. The data are regulary updated by ECA&D with data from 'synoptical messages from GTS'. These data are not yet validated, but should be in line with the older, validated data from the same station. (Latest update 17th February 2018).

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Bart Vreeken